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Who we are ?

The Wandering Duo is a couple that found their passion for food, back in 2015. Together they created a blog to share their journey and years later created a home to share their love….And it became their mission to make it the most comfortable and welcoming. Through our products, we aim to make homes more comfortable and convenient.

Our Mission
We are on a mission to transform how the world interacts with home accessories through the design and crafting of pieces that are convenient, unique and that have an emotional, ethic, and real value.
Our Vision
We don’t want to just add a new product to our collection, the idea is that each piece would transmit our values, beliefs, and the love and care that’s behind them improving any environment they’re introduced to.
Our Core Values
Relationships drive our business
Integrity through accountable behaviors
Respect earned through our actions
Innovative thinking for new solutions
Teamwork for extraordinary results.